New album: Dark Matter (2020)

Rafael ‘s latest album is out now: Dark Matter. A totally new album with authentic new songs.

Dark Matter album by Rafaël Hekker out now…….You tube, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Shazam, etc etc
Recorded at RHMP/ The Voodoo Lounge/ Studio Doornburg/Mailman/Sound & VisionProduced & mixed by Dirk Vermeij & Rafaël Hekker at The Voodoo LoungeMastering by Dirk Vermeij
Thanks to Janos Koolen for recording 01/04/05
Thanks to Jordi Langelaan & Herman Brood academy for recording 07
Thanks to Renee Teuben & students for recording 06

01 Bright Shadow All instruments by Rafaël except Piano by Janos Koolen
02 The Germ All instruments by Rafaël
03 Still Of the night All instruments by Rafaël except Lap steel by Will Sophie
04 Find my way to you All instruments by Rafaël
05 Dark Matter All Instruments by Rafaël
06 Legend All Instruments by Rafaël except Drums by Arthur Bont
07 One Love All Instruments by Rafaël
08 Secret Diary All instruments by Rafaël